Low Testosterone? "Dad Bod" Syndrome? Muscle Loss?

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If you’d like to double, triple, even 10X your testosterone levels and boost your muscle building potential at every workout… this will be the most important letter you’ll read today… maybe, ever.

Because minutes from now you’ll quit ripping your hair out in frustration of “dad bod” syndrome and finally shed the fat and build the muscle you deserve, while boosting your male-hormones naturally

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Brand new research published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning discovered a specific, yet simple, pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout routine any man can use for the ultimate-anabolic responseand it only takes 90-minutes.

So if you’re a man who’s attempted everything to boost his testosterone levels naturally and build the body women crave and other men envy… and you don't want to surrender to the dark-side of injecting steroids or swallowing expensive and dangerous hormone pills…

Get excited, lean in, and read every word on this page…​

The 90-minute ritual to maximize your muscle gains, shed more fat, and increase your total testosterone levels is found on this very page!

Because all you need is this single, 90-minute routine, just a few days per week, and you’ll enjoy a fresh surge of testosterone pumping through your veins... while you build muscle and burn fat almost on command

As a 26-year old newlywed I was suffering from low-testosterone levels. In a fight for my marriage I turned my body into a testosterone boosting science experiment. And it worked...

Hi. My name is Joe LoGalbo. And my wife and I didn't always have those big smiles on our faces. You see, I was once a victim of low-t… and a helpless newlywed suffering from muscle and strength loss, low-energy, and spurts of erectile dysfunction that left me lifeless in the bedroom…

This personal battle led me down a path of fixing my low-testosterone levels naturally and reclaiming the muscle and marriage I desired...

Since then I’ve committed my life to helping men who are going through the same pain and suffering I went through with low-t…

And have spent the last several years turning my own body into a testosterone-boosting science experiment.

Over time I’ve realized building muscle, losing fat, and increasing testosterone levels isn't typically one “ah-ha” thing. Sure, some anabolic tactics are more powerful than others… yet when it comes to raising your t-levels and building a strong and ripped body, it’s the “little things” combined with consistency that give you the BEST RESULTS.

Which is why I want to show you a simple 90-minute secret-weapon you can use pre, intra, and post workout that has THOR-like superpowers to help you maximize your muscle-building gains, trim inches off your waist, and crank your t-levels up to level 10.

First, here are the common mistakes most men make before, during, and after your workouts that are holding you back from experiencing the muscle-stacking gains you desire...

#1 Worst Pre Workout Mistake For Men

Performing Catabolic Warm-ups

Did you know with the proper warm-up, you can 7X your testosterone levels? That's right. New research uncovered by Portuguese scientists and published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning shows warming up with a short anabolic cardio routine skyrockets your post-workout testosterone response 7X for increased muscle gains. 

And according to the Journal of Obesity, this same pre-workout warm-up routine will also help you slice through belly fat and narrow your waistline for the prized V-taper look.  

However, most men are performing catabolic warm-ups shown to decrease t-levels and also cause micro-tears in your muscles pre-workout. Which have been shown to lower your strength levels and leave you vulnerable to injury when training.

#1 Worst Intra Workout Mistake For Men

Too Much Rest Time

Long rest periods between sets may not have a negative effect on your testosterone levels... However, you will miss out on a massive t-boost...

This according to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research which shows men who rest just two-minutes between workout sets have a greater testosterone response compared to men who rest five-minutes between sets (3).

And get this… another study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine confirms shorter rest periods also boost growth hormone.

Basically, you’re getting a double-whammy of muscle-building and fat-burning anabolic hormones with this single tweak in your workout game-plan.

#1 Worst Post Workout Mistake For Men

Eating High Fiber Foods For Your After Workout Meal

Eating fiber post-workout is robbing you of muscle-building nutrients. Here’s how...

Consuming high-fiber foods post-workout redirects blood flow from your muscles... to your gut.

Reason being… foods high in fiber are harder to digest. So your body is forced to send more blood to your gut to fuel digestion… instead of too your muscles for growth and recovery.

This causes you to miss-out on getting the most muscle-stacking amino acids and other vital nutrients to your muscles to maximize your workout results for noticeable gains. 

And that's not all. There's dozens of more mistakes men are making pre, intra, and post-workout that are stealing your gains and damaging your testosterone levels.

The scary part? Most men have no idea they are making these mistakes... or what to do instead to truly MAXIMIZE every single workout for the greatest anabolic response and muscle-gaining results

Which Is Why I've Put Together This Complete Manual To Skyrocket Your Testosterone Levels, Burn The Most Fat, And Accelerate Muscle Building 
In Only 90-Minutes.  

Inside 90-Minute Testosterone You'll Discover:

  • The #1 Pre-workout Workout Primer Scientifically Proven To 7X Your Testosterone Levels for a Massive Surge of Anabolic Hormones for Maximal Muscle-growth…
  • An All-natural Pre-workout Stimulant That Supercharges Your Energy and Boosts T-levels 12% For Insane Stamina and an Added "Edge" During Your Workouts… Bonus: This natural ingredient also burns fat
  • The Best Rest-time To Take Between Sets That Turns ANY Average Routine Into a T-boosting, Anabolic Weapon …9 out of 10 Guys Are NOT Doing This. 
  • The 12-minute Muscle-relaxation Technique That Speeds Up CNS Recovery So You Can Make FASTER Muscle and Strength Gains… This Single Ritual Also Lowers Testosterone-shrinking Cortisol Levels
  • The BIGGEST Mistake Most Men Make During Their Workouts That Stunts Your Testosterone Levels, Shrinks Growth Hormone Production, and Crushes Your Performance On a Cellular Level…
  • The Exact Pre and Post Workout Nutrition Profile Every Man Needs For Explosions Of Lean and Rippling Muscle GrowthWARNING: Most Guys Get This WRONG and End Up Gaining More Fat Than Muscle... 
  • The Dynamic-Duo Anabolic Supplements That When Stacked Together Give You An Undeniable Jolt In Your T-levels... This Combo Is So Powerful You’ll Feel Like You Stepped Into a Testosterone Time-machine and Have the Raging Hormones of an All-American College Wrestler...
  • Why You Should Never Eat Fat or Fiber Post-workout If You’re Trying To Build Muscle... and What to do Instead For Rock-Hard Muscle-gains... PLUS: A Simple Nutrition Trick I Use To Grow ANY Stubborn Muscle... 
  • The Perfect Pre-workout Cocktail That Skyrockets Your Testosterone Levels & Boosts Vascularity For Muscle-throbbing Pumps During Any Workout… Side Note: Drink This Cocktail Before Sex and Your Performance Will Be Off The Charts!
  • The Complete, Done-for-you 90-minute Anabolic Routine That When Followed Pre - Intra - and Post Workout Will Supercharge Your Male Hormones and Lead To Greater Muscle Gains and Greater Fat Loss...
  • And SO much more...

Now, that was just a snippet of what you'll discover in the 90-minute Testosterone program. However, because you’ve already proven yourself to be serious about boosting your testosterone levels, building more muscle, and burning large amounts of fat... I want to sweeten the pot for you and guarantee your success moving forward. Which is why I’ve decided to include these three never-before-seen exclusive bonuses…



What’s the point of increasing your testosterone levels if you can’t maintain them? This is the story I hear from most men... the dreaded low-t pendulum swing. One day you’re feeling energized, sexually vigorous, strong and muscular. The next day… you’re sluggish, have low sex-drive, and you feel weak and unmotivated.

With the T-Guardian Guide you’ll have the #1 solution to maintaining elevated testosterone levels every day so you can feel powerful in the gym, reliable in the bedroom, and focused at the office. Inside, you’ll have access to:

  • Complete 24-hour testosterone protection plan so you can ward off hidden toxins, ingredients, and daily activities that are driving your t-levels into the ground…
  • 15 WORST catabolic foods you must stay away from that's killing your testosterone production... even if you do everything right… consume these foods and you’ll make little or no progress with your t-levels...
  • Hidden ingredients in your daily cosmetic products like toothpaste, shampoo, cologne and more that’s leaking into your bloodstream and disrupting your male hormones
  • The popular “muscle-diet” mistake 97% of men make that’s robbing you of your gains and your testosterone
  • And so much more...


Belly fat is like a nuclear bomb to your testicles (where your testosterone is produced)...

And according to the Low-T Center in Southlake, Texas… “A man’s waist circumference is the single strongest predictor of low testosterone.”

The good news? Losing belly fat can steadily increase your testosterone levels… even if it’s just a 5-10 pound loss.

Which is why I want to give you the Belly Trimmer Blueprint as a gift when you order 90-minute testosterone on this page only. Inside the Belly Trimmer Blueprint you’ll discover:

  • The simple belly burning trick that targets (yes, targets) your stomach fat and love handles to shrink your waistline FASTER than you imagined possibleHINT: All you need is one simple nutrition trick and two abdominal exercises… that’s it.
  • 7 Belly-burning beverages that when consumed between meals will supercharge your fat loss results and recharge your energy levels...
  • The #1 all-natural, non-supplement fat-diminisher that when consumed regularly boosts thermogenesis (fat-burning) and gives you the belly-shrinking edge most men know nothing about…
  • And much, MUCH more…


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I'm going to be upfront with you. This program is not for everyone. If you’re a man who can’t stick to a simple 90-minute routine just a few days per week… despite having a done-for-you cheat sheet and complete manual to 10X your testosterone levels, boost muscle-growth, and shrink belly fat

You’re not cut out to be a testosterone-pumped alpha man. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Listen. Despite being a short and effective protocol… 90-minute testosterone is NOT some pill or potion. Sure, it’s fast and powerful… yet it takes effort and consistency. If you can’t do both, no offense, please don’t waste your time.

The downside for “those guys”? Well, you’ll continue sitting on the sidelines watching other men who are serious about transforming their body, hormones, and health pass you up in the gym, get the girl, and climb up the corporate ladder

90-minute Testosterone is a done-for-you pre, intra, and post workout routine to maximize your testosterone levels, supercharge muscle growth, and accelerate fat loss. Yet it's not for everyone...

And you’ll look back days, months, even years from now… feeling like a fraction of your former self… with a pudgy body, vanished sex-drive, and sloth-like energy. Which, I've been there... and would never wish upon anyone... not even my worst enemy. 

Now, if you’re a man who's determined to live the next several decades enjoying better sex (and more of it), sporting a rock-hard and muscular physique, and having a trim and ripped frame women crave and YOU can be proud of… 90-minute Testosterone is for you…

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Train HARD and with NO REGRETS!

Joe LoGalbo

P.S. If you want to 10X your testosterone levels in 90-minutes, while building lean muscle and burning through stubborn belly fat, what’s stopping you? Dude, you’re here for a reason. You want to get more out of your body. It’s time to make that a reality for you for less than the cost of a couple scoops of protein powder. 

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In just 90-minutes of your day you can transform your testosterone levels and experience a massive surge in muscle building and fat loss potential. However, most men are unknowingly lowering their t-levels pre-workout, stunting their muscle gains, and forcing cortisol levels to spike post workout… leaving you with little results to show for your workouts and even less testosterone than when you started. Imagine that… training like a madman for zilch, zip, nada…

You see, this small, 90-minute window of your day is the Holy Grail to maximizing your muscle gains, trimming inches of fat around your belly, chest, and back... and boosting your #1 master male hormone. Unfortunately, most guys ignore the importance of this game-changing 90-minutes and leave massive results on the table... However, I'm willing to bet you're not "most guys"...

In fact, you’re probably sick and tired of having an “average” body… or not liking the way you look in the mirror, right? Or maybe you just want this 90-minute blueprint to UP your game and get the most out of your muscle and manhood…

That’s why I’m giving you my Anabolic Shield 60-day Money Back Guarantee. I understand you’re a busy guy so I wanted to give you a full 60 days to get started. It’s easy to do and only takes 90 minutes, a few days per week as long as you follow the simple program inside.

If you do, you will experience results and notice improvements in your physique right away. Give it a couple of weeks and your sex-drive and energy levels will be significantly higher.

But if for some reason you do not notice results from these things, just reach out and I’ll be more than happy to provide you an entire refund.

I’m putting my butt on the line because I experienced the powerful impact this same program has had on my physique, sex life, and confidence so I know it can do the same for you. What risk do you have?

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