Discover How You Too Can Lose Up To 18 Pounds In Only 6 Short Weeks Using These Little Known "Out Of The Box" Strategies That Can Sculpt Your Body And Give You The Razor Sharp Abs Of A Greek God Or Goddess In No Time...

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wanted to know the real reason as to why you haven’t been able to achieve permanent FAT LOSS and get the ABS of your dreams?

Why you’ve only been able to lose a few pounds at an average speed instead of LIGHTNING FAST?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you have arrived at the right place.

We are about to reveal the 3 pitfalls that have plagued you from losing enough body fat to see your abs. But first, we must explain what this is not.

If you are looking for these fixes, then you should exit this page now. However, if you are looking for REAL results backed by scientific evidence that are guaranteed to carve out your abs and get you the flat stomach you have wanted, then this may be the MOST IMPORTANT information you will ever read.

There Are Three Problems We Must Address Right Now...

3 Undeniable Reasons You Will NEVER Lose Enough Belly Fat to See Your Abs and 3 SURE FIRE Solutions That Guarantee Maximum Fat Loss Results...

Reason #1: Exercising Your Abs TOO Much...

Have you ever wondered why is it that you still can’t see your abs after doing 300 sit-ups and crunches 5 times per week for several months?

The common misconception is that working out longer and harder gets better results but this is so far from the truth. You see, after 45 minutes of any form of exercise, your body turns catabolic. Catabolic is a term to describe when your body is going in the “EXACT OPPOSITE” direction of where you want it to go.

You are actually breaking down your muscle tissue and as a result, your body CANNOT recover to get you the results you have been looking for. So no matter how many ab exercises you do, if you do not get a proven exercise plan, you will have better results rowing against the current in a boat.

Solution #1: Exercise Each Body Part Only 30 Minutes Per Workout

Exercising for only 30 minutes a day will ensure that you are not catabolic and that you are constructing new, lean muscle tissue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your body will thank you as it has the time to recover from a workout.

In addition, more oxygen will flow throughout your entire body, which in terms will allow you to burn more calories at a FASTER RATE. To top things off, by applying the U.O.A. Exercises to your routines, you will activate fat burning hormones that have been asleep for years. When these hormones are active, you will be able to PERMANENTLY BOOST YOUR METABOLISM up to 3X more than you would by not applying the U.O.A. exercises.

Reason #2: Counting Calories and Starvation Diets...

Boring! What a hassle it is to bring a pen and pad or have to manually enter how many calories you eat on a daily basis to lose belly fat on your cell phone or mobile device. This is not only confusing but adds one more thing you have to do to your busy life which is not needed.

The myth of having to count calories is one of the most wide spread beliefs amongst our society. It is published in all of the popular magazines, so we assume it is the only way for us to lose weight and see our abs.

In addition, shutting down your calorie intake will cause your body to fight back and actually SLOW down your metabolism and hold on to body fat in order to protect your body from starvation.

So as soon as you return to eating a normal diet, you will not only regain all the weight you lost, but ADD more weight than from the time you started restricting your calories.

Solution #2: Use a PROVEN Diet Software That Allows You To Create Your OWN Menu

With the University of Abs Patent Pending diet software, you can say GOOD BYE FOREVER to counting calories as it does all the work for you. It will personalize and customize everything according to your body type.

All you have to do is follow an easy 3 step process. You first tell it whether you are a male or female, your weight and a few other vital stats. You can then select the foods you want to eat for the day, and presto you can print your menu for the day.

The diet software will tell you the exact portion sizes to eat according to your specific needs. How EASY is that? So you can do away with the headache of counting calories and use a proven method that has helped thousands of people to lose body fat and see their abs. This software can do that same for you!

Reason #3: Diet Pills For Extra Fat Loss

It seems like they get us overtime with this one. So often we read about the latest and cutting edge technology diet pill that is supposed to miraculously burn all the unwanted body fat off within 2 weeks but that never seems to be the case.

Not only are these diet pills expensive, but they will never give you real world results. The reason these pills alone will not work is because your body needs to be following the right exercise program like U.O.A. exercises and consume the right macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats) from your daily diet in order to do the job.

Attempting to see your abs with diet pills alone is like winning the lottery or winning big in Las Vegas. The odds are stacked against you.

Solution #3: Live Coaching and Support Groups

Studies have shown that when people are looking to accomplish their fat loss goals with a support group, they are 300% more likely to achieve that goal. Now does it make sense why your local gyms have group classes.

The good trainers understand this concept of people around other people for motivation which is exactly what we give you here at the University of Abs. You have a facebook like environment with support groups, forums to ask questions where you get answers from our expert panel.

You get to meet new friends who have struggled like you to lose weight so you will have partners to help along the way. This is not a sink or swim program. We take you by the hand to make sure you get the best results possible.

Are You Ready To Immediately DESTROY Belly Fat and CARVE Out Those 6-Pack Abs Within The Next 8 Weeks?

Are you ready to be another one of our body transformation success stories?

  Today you have the amazing opportunity to transform your body into a fat burning machine and get the abs of your dreams with this revolutionary system we are about to share with you.  

Here Is What You Get Today...

Component #1: Step by Step, Week by Week Fat Burning Exercise Routines With Video Library

Each day you have a page that shows you a motivational video as well as the exact workout (and videos of each exercise) that you are going to do for the day.

Furthermore, each exercise is linked to its corresponding video workout where you can actually visualize and see how the workouts are performed! Thus, there is no guesswork, nor little stick figures for exercise descriptions that leave you clueless. 

Instead you get a clear video that shows the exact method that's going to help you achieve your results 3X quicker without the risk of injury!

Learn a variety of super effective techniques and unique exercises so you do not get bored from doing the same workouts every day, and most importantly, so that you keep those results coming fast!

Component #2: Create Your Own Personalized Daily Diet Menus Based On The Foods You Love

Remember that with the diet software you just enter a few simple measurements (like the waist size for example) and you get an approximate body fat percentage calculation along with a diet that is designed for your specific gender and lean body mass!

In this manner, you are always getting the macronutrients that you need as your body changes. Who else can do that for you? Most of the other programs you see out there are one size fits all programs that are destined to fail since we are all different! However, that is not the case with the University of Abs diet!

In addition, you have the option to change your menu on a daily basis and the online dietitian tells you how much of each food item you need to consume in order to get the macronutrients that your body needs for MAXIMUM RESULTS in fat burning and muscle building.

Component #3: Week 2: During The Remainder of Your Level 1 Course You Are Going To Get...

• Discover why the right ratio of the 3 macronutrients are needed for abdominal success

• Learn how to LOSE WEIGHT while eating at FAST FOOD restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell and many more…

• Get more unique workouts to transform your physique to a work of art.

• Expand your knowledge by taking a short exam and increasing your smarts on the subject of nutrition which is the #1 rule to obey for getting abs!

Component #4: Weeks 3-4: With Your Level 2 Course Material You Are Going To Get...

•Learn to control the Fat Storing Hormone known as cortisol which is going to give your abs the unfair advantage.

•Get my top 5 secret tricks to controlling cortisol levels. Learn which supplement ACTUALLY WORKS!

•Find out the 5 biggest myths about getting abs and what you can do to combat the myths with scientific truth taught in the Sophomore level course.

•Expand your knowledge by taking a short exam and increase your smarts on the subject of cortisol and training.

Component #5: Weeks 5-6: With Your Level 3 Course Material You Are Going To Get...

•The ugly truth about supplements and get the low down secrets that nobody dares to tell you.

Find out the supplements that I personally have taken and still take to this day. WARNING: these supplements yield incredible results if followed with The University of Abs Diet and Exercise Program

•Discover my little known secret of what supplement I carry with me each day to stay fit and healthy.

•Expand your knowledge by taking a short exam and increasing your knowledge on the subject of supplements so you are NOT be fooled the next time you buy them.

Component #6: Weeks 7-8: With Your Level 4 Course Material You Get...

•Why it is so important to get the right amount of rest while exercising and discover my 45 Minute Window Trick to MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS at The University of Abs!

•Find out what to do if you are sick and are supposed to exercise.

Ways to deal with soreness and how to prevent it from happening as often with #1 effective supplement

Expand your knowledge by taking a short exam and increase your smarts on the subject of rest and recovery as this is one of the most underrated subjects neglected by so called experts when it comes to getting abs!

Component #7: Our Alumni Program: Weeks 9 and Beyond...

•You continue to Get Brand New Workouts to take you step by step along the way.

•You have continued support from our expert panel with video chat capabilities

•You have support group of people just like yourself who are all looking to get abs!

And Much More...

You Get All Of This, Plus Much More...

Many people either drop out or fail at getting results from other ab programs because they do not have access to their workouts or program from their mobile devices. They are stuck trying to figure out how to properly perform exercises on their computers, and then forced to remember how to do everything properly. With The University of Abs program, you will be able to access your ENTIRE PROGRAM from your favorite mobile device and be able to email us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get the best support possible.

You’ll also get the following 2 AMAZING bonuses.

Exclusive Bonus #1: Take Us With You Anywhere With Your Own Virtual Personal Trainer

Do you travel? Do you want to workout from home but your computer is too far away to know what workouts to do? Great! With Exclusive Bonus #1, you have the ability to carry your own personal trainer with you in your pocket.

Watch each exercise video from your mobile devices to make sure you see exactly what needs to be done to Get Abs Fast and Easy.

•You have the ability to take the ENTIRE COURSE on the Go. This is part of our commitment to giving you the best tools to get the body of your dreams!

Exclusive Bonus #2: Lifetime Email Support From Our Expert Panel!

•To show you that we want you to MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS from our program we are offering LIFETIME EMAIL SUPPORT

•As stated before, this is not a “sink or swim” program where you have a book throw in front of you and it is good bye from there. We take you by the hand and allow you to email us your questions which is going to make everything 10X easier.

•No more confusion or guessing what you are doing is right.

By taking action today, you have the golden opportunity to get the full 11-component $497 success package at the discounted investment of not $97 but just one easy payment of $9.


University of Abs Success Program
(Includes 7-Day Trial to the University of Abs Membership Site
After the Trial it's only $47 per month)

Let's Compare Other Abs Programs Versus The University of Abs...

As you can see, we personally take you by the hand. This is not like any other Ab Programs which throw a book on your desk and leaves you to”Sink or Swim”. Once you pay for their program, it is bye bye and good luck from that point on. University of Abs is so different and unique. Just take a look at this comparison chart that shows you how different we are.


University of Abs Success Program
(Includes 7-Day Trial to the University of Abs Membership Site
After the Trial it's only $47 per month)

Get Instant Access Now For Just $1

Our Expert Panel Combined Has Helped Over 1,000,000 Million People Worldwide Lose Weight

Yes, this is 100% true. Between all of the University of Abs Expert Panel we have combined to help over 1 million people worldwide to sculpt their bodies. Heck, even Hugo Rivera’s successful Body Sculpting Book franchise has sold over 1 million copies alone.

This does not even include any of our other programs. And now we decide to team up and create 1 Program here at The University of Abs which combines all of our battle tested and proven weight loss strategies and share them with you through our weekly live coaching program. So as you can see, you are not alone and have a panel of world class experts here to give you the best service on the planet!

Learn The Happy Story of Raul...

Raul came to us for advice a year ago. He was fed up with the way that he looked and felt. We will let Raul tell you the rest of his story in his own words and via his pictures (which speak volumes!)

What Raul Had To Say About Our Program In His Own Words...

324. That is a large number, and it’s also how much I weighed at my heaviest. For the longest time, I suffered both the indignities of being declared morbidly obese by my doctor, as well as the shunning from society at large.

Exactly one year ago, I decided that enough was enough, and it was time for a change. Thanks to Anthony and this site, I was able to make the lifestyle changes needed to turn my life around and lose over 126 pounds and counting.

The best part was that the changes needed weren’t that hard, and it was mostly a matter of changing both my attitude and my outlook. Now I look great and feel great, and I really feel like I have saved myself from an early death.

I couldn’t have done it without Anthony’s help, and if someone like me can lose so much weight, so can you. Thank you Anthony and The University of Abs Expert Panel !”



University of Abs Success Program
(Includes 7-Day Trial to the University of Abs Membership Site
After the Trial it's only $47 per month)

Get Instant Access Now For Just $1

Please understand this is an absolute steal…

Think about it. To get access to this type of program you would need a top trainer to train you 5 days a week plus the nutritional component. Hugo Rivera, who is part of our Expert Panel, charges $250/half hour.

At 5 days a week you are looking to spend $1250 for the personal training each week! Even with the cheapest personal trainer you can find (which is not going to give you anything close to what we offer here) you are still looking at $100 per week (assuming that you are paying $20 a session). Now, keep in mind that this does not cover the diet component, the weekly coaching call nor the group support that we offer!

Do you think any person in their right mind would pay that kind of money if we didn’t deliver TEN times the value? Absolutely not! Over 1 million people have used our advice to get results and you too will be absolutely THRILLED when we reveal our secret methods.

To summarize it as simple as possible, you have the opportunity right now to get a PROVEN weight loss formula strategically designed by a panel of world-renowned body transformation expert that is specifically for anyone serious about losing weight and getting a flat stomach that demands compliments and turns heads twice as fast in half the time.

Imagine 10, 20, 30 Pounds of Fat... GONE Forever!

Ultimately... It's Your Body And You've Got Two Options Below... Which One Do You Prefer?

Option #1 – Hope That What You Are Doing Is Right…

Let’s be honest. Using this strategy is like playing the lotto. You read some information on one web site about losing weight and then go to another web site that contradicts the information you just read and continue going in a never ending circle with the same flabby you.

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe one day all of the so called fitness experts will all agree and reveal the solution to permanent weight loss? Then you will stop having to worry about people staring at your flabby body.

Option #2 – Use The  Proven  University of Abs Method

The University of Abs Success Program is a battle tested and proven way to get the weight loss results that you deserve. You can go to bed at night knowing that the methods used have helped over 1 million people lose weight and it will do the same for you.

Not only is that Fantastic, but the best part of it all is you will transform your body into a fat burning machine and have a flat stomach that demands compliments and turns heads.

With The University of Abs Success Program, we give you the EXACT methods we have used to get results right away!

So The Choice Is Clear...

Choose The University of Abs and Start Losing That Stubborn Fat Today!


University of Abs Success Program
(Includes 7-Day Trial to the University of Abs Membership Site
After the Trial it's only $47 per month)

Get Instant Access Now For Just $1

Risk Of Not Taking Action Today...

Could You Imagine If you had to try 2,3,4 or 5 other programs that cost more and going through the whole trial and error process?

How much time and money would it cost you to try and figure things out for yourself?

When you try these programs and realize they do not work for you, you will be spending 2,3,4, or 5 TIMES more money with no results.

Learn The Sad Story Of John

John put off a whole year to sign up to my live program of the University of Abs. He said that he wanted to save some money and he was not too sure. After a few weeks John kept adding weight so he decided to do something about it. He bought a popular exercise gadget from TV and started to use it.

However, he ended up tossing it away since he felt it was too complicated. Then he got some diet books but the two that he bought had complete opposite dieting philosophies; even though these books were written by Medical Doctors!

You Are Not Going To Believe What Happened Next...

At the end of the day, he ended up calling me and signed up to my live program (which is the same one that now you have available over the Net!) and he Lost Over 55 Pounds and he is very near his goals! While John does not desire to have abs, he does want to have a 33 inch waist and he is only 2 inches away from achieving that! His deep regret is that he did not sign up any sooner.

Take Action Today and Get The Proven Methods to Weight Loss Success!

To Your Success,

The University of Abs Expert Panel

P.S. Don’t forget, with our no-questions-asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee you get 60 days to use the University of Abs Success Program and make sure it truly is the fastest way to get abs EVER. Get your no-risk copy here.

P.P.S. If you’re still wondering if The University of Abs Success Program is right for you, just read the questions and answers below.

Q: Is The University of Abs Success Program For Men or Women?

This program is designed for both men and women to achieve fat loss success and get abs regardless of the common stereotype. The truth is that both men and women need to consume the right amount of macronutrients at the right times of the day according to their body fat%. With this program, you will get customized diets according to your body type.

By following this program, you will be able to boost your metabolism and turn your body into a calories torching machine. You will also activate your fat burning hormones to ensure you get the best fat loss result possible!

Q: Do I Have To Eat The Same Boring Foods Every Day?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! This is yet again one of the common myths regarding instant and permanent fat loss that I address in The University of Abs Success Program. As a matter of fact, I give you almost 50 different foods to choose from that will enable you to decrease your body fat NOW!

Q: Will The Principles Taught In This Program Work For People of All Ages?

Of Course It Is! The University of Abs Success Program is designed to work for teenagers all the way to grandparents who want to eliminate excess body fat. The formula is really quite simply as long as you apply the macronutrient, cortisol and a few other principles, you will be well on your way to getting the results you desire.

Q: Do I Need To Be In Good Shape To Start The University of Abs Success Program?

NO!!! The exercise routines are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness. Regardless of whether you are at 40% body fat or 10%, if you follow the fundamental principles in my program you will get the results you are looking for. Also, my diet program is designed to give you a variety of almost 50 foods to choose from so you will never get bored of the same old diet.

You do not have to be in shape AT ALL s long as you follow my diet program, you will achieve your weight loss goals immediately.

Q: Is This Program For Fat Burning Or Building Muscle?

The University of Abs Success Program is designed to decrease body fat while building lean muscle tissue. This does not mean you will look bulky or have a broader physique. What it does mean is you will lose that unwanted, ugly belly fat and have more definition and tone to your body.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Notice Results?

You will immediately notice results within the first week of applying the concepts in the program. This does not mean that you will have the beach body of your dreams over night like most supplements and exercise machines claim to do. This program gives you the unbiased truth behind weight loss and with that being said, it depends on your existing health conditions.

For instance, someone who has 40% body fat will lose weight at a much faster pace than a person who only has 12%. But if the principles described in the program are followed, you will reach you will have no problems achieving your fat loss goals and the transformation in your body will be drastic within a couple of weeks to a month.

Q: What Makes The University of Abs Success Program Different From The Rest Of The Fat Loss Web Sites Out There?

The University of Abs Success Program is unique from every other program as it gives you almost 50 foods to choose from, exercise routines for men and women regardless of your fitness level and exercise videos showing you exactly how to perform the exercises prescribed. Reading exercise descriptions can be very boring.

This is why I have provided you with videos for each and every workout prescribed in The University of Abs Success Program!

Q: Will I Be Required To Buy Supplements To Be Successful With This Program?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! My program does not require you to take fat burning and supposed miracle weight loss pills. If you have not noticed by now, they do not work without the right diet and exercise routine. By simply taking a pill, you will get nothing but an empty wallet at the end of the day. However, there are a few secret supplements that I rank from a 1 to 3 star rating that will help you achieve your fat loss goals!

Q: How much Time Will I Have To Spend Working Out?

If you exercise for longer than 45 minutes, you take the risk of becoming catabolic as your cortisol levels will begin to rise. When cortisol (a hormone secreted by the adrenal gland) is elevated, you do the exact opposite of what you want by storing more body fat and losing muscle tissue. That is why I have bullet proofed my program to prevent this evil hormone from rising and sabotaging your fat loss goals!

My program is designed for you to exercise for no longer than 45 minutes of weight training with a little bit of cardio. I even share my secrets as to why you should perform cardio after your workouts as opposed to before. This is one of the main reasons why people stay flabby and out of shape!

Q: Do I Need A Gym Membership Or Can I Exercise At Home?

The choice is yours! My program comes with a routine that is to be performed at the gym and another that can be performed out of the comfort of your own home. My home gym routine only requires you to have two items to complete a full body workout. I even tell you where to buy them online and give you the best prices on the internet.

Q: I Do Like Your System But Am A Bit Scared Of Using A Credit Card Over The Internet. What Assurance Do I Have That My Information Will Be Secure And Safe?

I do realize that many people are skeptical about giving their credit card information over the internet. However, ordering online is actually safer than giving your credit card information over the phone because the person you are talking to has access to it. Ordering online is different because nobody sees your information except for the merchant bank.

We use SSL (Secured Socket Layers) technology which does not allow any of your information to be shared with third parties or even the owners of a web site.

Being an account, I practice what is known as professional skepticism. I was once scared of purchasing online until SSL technology came out. Now, I purchase items frequently online. As a matter of fact, other than grocery shopping, over 50% of my purchases come from the internet.

Q: I want to start getting results now: do I have to wait for you to ship me the program before I get started?

No! This entire program will be available immediately right after you make your investment and purchase. There are no hidden shipping fees or waiting for results!

Q: What If I live In Another Country and Have A Different Currency?

Our secured credit card processor will convert your currency regardless of what country you live in.

YES, Anthony! Let me in. I’m ready and thrilled to get live coaching from the University of Abs Expert Panel. I am excited to start more advanced fat burning exercises and want access right now.

  • I understand I get live coaching each week, as well as brand new workouts, and diet tips when I join.
  • I understand I have a 60 day guarantee from the date I invest to get a full refund.

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